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Ways for Recruiting New Members for Your Choir

There are different ways for recruiting new members for your choir that will help you achieve your goals. It is the dream of every choir director to see the size of their choir expand to an unimaginable size, so the following are tips for recruiting new members for your choir;

ways for recruiting new members for your choir

Rehearsals should be held openly

Open rehearsals are exciting for the choir and a chance for potential members to have a feel of the choir without obliging themselves to anything. You can add some enjoyable exercises and some comical activities that get people smiling and put them in their comfort zone. You could sing some familiar choruses that new singers are expected to know already or learn without difficulty. Otherwise, you could bring up pieces that your choir has done before, so that their assertive singing can convey along your visitors. Offer up some snacks and plenty of conversation and associating time and you have a great way for charming new members.

Through the internet

Do not underestimate the power of social media. Do not assume that everyone you reach online is in a very far place. Most folks’ on Facebook have their connections to consist of friends and family who live in their region. Politely tell them to leave a like on your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter and watch the magic happen from there.

Spread the word about the benefits of joining your choir

Gathering testimonials gives you the chance to converse clearly to potential members the profits they can hope to delight in when they are part of your choir. Don’t be scared to toot your own horn. If you’ve got exhilarating ideas and plans on the prospect, let people see. For the reason that you’re performing a specific piece in your next program may be all the motivation a singer needs to make the jump.

Words of encouragement

In any society, a word is a potent method of reaching out to the general public. Raise the spirits of your choir members to aid you draw new singers. Involving your standing members in recruitment gives them a sense of possession. You could also give bonuses to those that bring along a friend.


Each time your choir sings, new folks are going to hear about you. Even if they’re not singers, they might mention the choir to friends and family members who are. A good show increases your status in your community, draws singers and develops your choir, which in turn permits you to perform more regularly. It’s a good loop. Consider potential performances not only in terms of what they will charge or be paid, but in terms of their extensive influence on your profile.

At the end of the day, there’s no mystic recipe to drawing new singers.  The key is, run your choir with honesty, righteousness, truth, honor, and good humor, do your best to be exceptional, and you will produce something that the general public will want to be part of.