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ChoralNation is a user-generated web directory specifically for people who want to connect with choirs or attend choral events in their local area.

ChoralNation fills a void in the choral community by providing an intuitive and easy-to-navigate online platform for choirs to list their profiles, concerts and events. Listings are searchable based on geography, profile and many other facets. This provides a greater context for choirs to connect with each other as well as with their local communities.

It’s for everyone! All types of choirs, singers and choral music lovers around the world.

You can create a free listing of your choir(s) and concert(s). Effectively, each listing becomes a beautifully designed web page on our site and includes information such as: descriptions, location, web/social media feeds, gallery images, video and much more.

Once approved, each listing will immediately become a part of the directory and display on the searchable ChoralNation Map.

Visitors to the site can search the ever-growing directory to discover choirs and concerts in their local areas. Choirs can also use the site to connect to other choirs in order to plan visits, tours and collaborative events and workshops.

You can list your choir by using the “Add Listing” link ( on the upper right hand corner of our website. During the listing process, you will be asked to create a FREE account on

You can preview your listing page during the listing process. Your listings will appear live on our site once they are approved by our site administrator (typically one business day or less).

Once you have created an account, you can log in anytime to modify your listing page or to create additional listing pages (for another choir or for a concert).

Once you’ve created a listing for your own choir and concerts, you can share your listings on social media and encourage other choirs to create their own listings.

You can use this sample email text, and modify as you see fit!

Having a website is great. However, your website is likely visited mostly by people who already know about your choir or concerts. Listings on ChoralNation’s searchable directory enables your choir to reach new audiences and connect with others who may not already know about you. It will also expand the online footprint of your choir and provide an inbound link back to your site.

Our site is made for people who love choral music. A listing on is searchable by people in your local community. It’s a great way to promote your choir to new members and your concerts to local concert go’ers who may not be familiar with your choir. It’s a great way to promote and increase attendance at your events.

Even if you have a great website, a listing on will improve your choir/event’s online footprint. Besides, it’s FREE!

No. You can list your choir(s) or concert(s) for free. Our goal is to be the most comprehensive and usable choral directory in the world. We do not believe we can achieve this if we charge for listings.

ChoralNation was born out of the love of choral music and an observed void in this space. Currently, we are self-funded. We believe that charging fees for listing choirs and concerts mitigates our mission of making choral music more accessible. We think that listings and membership on our site should always be free.

In the future, we may create revenue streams by implementing a pay-what-you-can model or by creating new value-added features that justify a small fee.

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